Introducing 1875

1875 is a new website that has been created to try and improve the current off the field situation at St Andrews.

Who are we?

1875 are a fan collective comprising of members of, We Are Birmingham and other individuals. We in no way claim to speak for all fans, we speak for those who wish to be involved.

Why are we doing this?

We feel that there are many underlying problems surrounding the current ownership and management structure of Birmingham City Football Club. We believe that these issues are causing the football club to struggle when it shouldn’t need to, and have ruined the connection between the club and the fans that was built in the last season.

Rather than moan on social media or via our respective websites, we believe that we have to be a part of the solution and to take the cause up with the powers that be. We do not believe the commonly held belief that fans cannot do anything to positively affect the situation, and we have set this website up to prove it.

Why 1875?

As the year that means so much to Blues fans, we thought this would be an apt name to try and fight for. Throughout our 145 year history, the supporters have been the soul of our club and at this time it feels like the supporters are having their loyalty taken for granted. We don’t want to stop supporting our team to prove a point, however as the club becomes more and more secretive we felt it was time to act and try to force some change.

What do we hope to achieve?

Simply, a better run football club.

Under these owners or new ones, with this board or other people, all we want is the club to be run in a fiscally competent manner so that success on the pitch will not be undermined by issues off it.

© 1875