Red Pocket Protest v Cardiff

During recent months, there has been no public response from anyone on the BCFC board to the criticism that has been aimed at them. As this has continued, we felt as a next step there needed to be a message of change from within the ground – and that we should give fans the opportunity to be a part of a short, direct protest against the board.

January 25 is the start of the new lunar year in China, the year of the rat. It is traditional in Chinese culture to hand out “lai see”, red pockets or envelopes containing money as a wish for fortune for the year ahead. Last season Blues players were presented with new iPhones as their lai see gift from the board and this season we wanted to make our own little presentation to the board to show the strength of feeling.

We have had 10,000 “red pockets” printed – all with the message “Dong Step Down” written on them in Chinese. From speaking to translators, we have found that this translation is the most effective translation of the widely-used “Dong Out” phrase fans have been using on social media. The final significance of these being a red card, is one that every football fan is fully aware of. We will be handing out these “red pockets” prior to the game and we encourage any fan who agrees with us to hold it aloft.

As the red pockets symbolise good fortune and luck in Chinese culture, the juxtaposing message of the call for Dong’s removal on the pocket will give the message to the club CEO that as fans we think his employment with the club should come to an end.

We’d like to thank all of those who have contributed to the campaign and volunteered to assist with distribution of these pockets today.

1875 would like to note that we have consulted members of the Chinese community in order to determine if this method of protest will be of any offence to those involved with the clubs running and whether it would do more harm than good, or whether it is culturally insensitive. We’ve been reassured that this should not cause any offence – just a clear and direct message that will hopefully force certain individuals to take note and listen.

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