It’s clear from seeing the #BSHLOUT hashtag trending on Twitter that there is a huge strength of feeling from Blues fans against the owners of the club. The fact that the hashtag was trending at Number 2 in the UK on Twitter demonstrates the sheer volume of tweets being sent with the tag – and maybe also demonstrates that there is some consensus on what needs to happen.

Protests are already being arranged and we at 1875 will be proud to support and share any protest being held that is lawful and non-racist. We can’t stress enough how important we believe it is that even when showing our anger and passion, we maintain the moral high ground; failure to do so could rebound on us all and derail what we are trying to achieve.

It makes sense to us that protest comes from as many angles as possible, and with this in mind we are willing to put forward our ideas to be used in tandem with other protests being planned.

We believe it’s important to show the people at the top that we want the club to be sold. We are unsure as to how much they will see what is happening on social media, and while the inclusion of protests in the mainstream UK media is welcomed, we are unsure as to how and if that will reach shareholders in BSH among others.

With this in mind, we are taking inspiration from the “European Season”, when we among many others sent postcards to Alex McLeish in his new role as manager across the expressway. We think that we can make people take notice if we send sufficient volumes of cards/letters to the people that matter.

We’ve come up with a list of addresses people can send postcards to, as well as our simple design we are going to send. We must make it clear that while we have no issue with people using their own ideas for what to write, it’s imperative that they are lawful.

While the address for Birmingham Sports Holdings needs no introduction, we have included other people who we think need to understand the strength of feeling.

Paul Suen Cho Hung is the largest shareholder in BSHL, and his Trillion Trophy Asia investment vehicle operates out of company offices in the Great Eagle Centre.

Vong Pech has the largest financial interest in the club, and as owner of Graticity Real Estate Development Ltd he owns the second largest stake in BSHL via that company. Sending him postcards to their registered address in Cambodia is the best way we can reach him.

The addresses for Wang Yaohui (also known as the elusive Mr King) are for his company addresses in Hong Kong and the UK, both of which have been verified and visited by Daniel. Wang is considered to be the real power behind the throne at BSHL and it is his hand we probably need to force.

We also know that Wang Yaohui uses a Cambodian diplomatic passport in the name of Wan Sokha and we hope by sending him postcards to the embassy he is supposedly stationed at it may cause him some embarrassment which helps to change his mind.

We will be offering further ideas for protest in the coming days.

Click here to download our “SELL THE CLUB” postcard

For any of the international addresses, you will need to apply the relevant postage advised by the Royal Mail (For example, Hong Kong is £1.70 for a standard letter) and write “BY AIR MAIL — PAR AVION” in the top left corner of the envelope.


Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd
31/F Vertical Square
No 28 Heung Yip Road
Wong Chuk Hang
Hong Kong


Paul Suen Cho Hung
Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd
c/o Room 2113, 21st Floor
Great Eagle Centre
23 Harbour Roa
Hong Kong


Vong Pech
Graticity Real Estate Development Ltd
No 58, Street R8, Sangkrat Srah Chak
Khan Doun
Phnom Penh


Wang Yaohui
802-804 Jardine House
Hong Kong


Wang Yaohui
c/o UK Wealth Holdings Development Ltd
10 Buckingham Place


Minister-Counsellor Wan Sokha
Royal Embassy of Cambodia
400 Orchard Road
Singapore 238875


Kang Ming-Ming
No 19, Alley 418, Lane 150
Section 5 Xinyi Road
Taiwan (Republic of China)

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