Faceless Mask Protest v Sheffield United

One of the chief frustrations we feel fans have with Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd (BSHL) is their faceless nature. It’s not just that there are little to no photos of the people who own the club; there is also little to no information about what their intentions are for owning the club.

With the stadium in a sorry state and communication from the club board only happening when protests start, it’s not hard to understand those feelings of exasperation towards the owners.

The protest inside and outside the ground for the Barnsley game on Saturday January 22 sparked media interest in the problems the club faces. Journalists and reporters have images of that frustration to show with reports on the club to help illustrate the fans feelings to the wider world.

It’s important now to maintain that media interest, and to continue to show the club that fans will not be mollified by the bare minimum of communication.

There was a discussion on the Small Heath Alliance forum that for the game against Sheffield United fans wear blank masks at a set time to protest the faceless nature of the ownership of the club.

With this in mind, we have created the attached mask which can be downloaded and printed out for those fans who want to participate, alternatively, The Works have these plain white masks for sale for £1 each.

We think that if enough people take part, it will make the feelings of frustration clear and as the game is on TV, it may well reach the owners. The more noise we create, the more we will hopefully cause people to read more of what has been discovered of the owners and the more pressure we can make to effect change.

Click here to download our mask template

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