Whistle Protest v Sheffield United

From reading some of the excellent ideas online, it’s clear that Blues fans are rising to the challenge of making protests innovative and effective. One idea that seems like it could make a big impact was the suggestion of blowing whistles for the first 10 minutes of the live Sky game against Sheffield United at St Andrew’s on Friday 4th February.

Since that idea was first posted, we have added our support to the faceless mask protest for that game. Whilst we still believe the faceless mask idea is a great one, there’s no reason why both of these protests can’t work in unison.

If thousands of fans wear faceless masks, it potentially could be missed by the television cameras, especially bearing in mind that the lower tiers of the Kop and Tilton are closed off. However, if thousands of fans are wearing faceless masks and blowing whistles as well, there is every chance that this will alert attention to the cameramen and TV directors.

With this in mind, we have purchased a large number of whistles and we will be distributing these in pubs around the stadium and in Digbeth prior to the game.

If you’ve got a whistle at home, bring it along, print out your facemask or bring along one that you’ve bought, and support the protests live on Sky for maximum exposure.

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